Cadastral Survey

We are responsible in managing the process of land and strata individual ownership which consists of preparation of survey proposals, planting of boundary marks, calculation of strata share units and preparation of Certified Plans in accordance with the procedures of the National Land Code 1965, Strata Title Act 1985 and Regulations specified by the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia.

Cadastral Survey consists the following :
1. Survey of Land for Building
2. Survey for Sub-Division of Land (landed properties)
3. Survey for Sub-Division of Building (Strata)
4. Survey of Land for Agriculture
5. Survey of Land for Mining
6. Underground Survey (Stratum)
7. Survey for Amalgamation of Lots
8. Survey of Land for Special Purpose
9. Survey for the propose of Acquisition
10. Survey of Administrative Boundaries
11. Control Traverses
12. Demarcation Survey
13. Point Positioning by GPS ( Global Positioning System)

Engineering Survey

We provide the technical expertise and engineering services for the construction industry which include surveying and preparation of drawing plans and reports

Engineering Survey consists the following :
1. Highway, Road and Transmission Line Alignment, Deviation and Earth Volume (Cut & Fill)
2. Tunnel Survey
3. Dam, Building and Land Erosion Survey
4. Piling Setting-Out and As-Built Survey
5. Dam, Bridge and Tunnel Movement monitoring detection

Topographical Survey

We provide comprehensive topographic survey and contour plans for clients. We collaborate with consultants, architects, owners and developers

Topographic Survey consists the following : :
1. Ground Control Point Survey (GCP Survey)
2. Leveling Survey  Detail Topographic Survey
3. Spot Height for Terrain Modeling and Profiling
4. Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data Acquisition

Underground Utility Detection Survey

We are the expert in detecting underground utilities such as pipes and cables which include detection work, preparation of drawing plans and reports.

Underground Utility Mapping Survey :
1. Locate buried pipes and cables
2. Identifying and labeling underground utilities
3. Identifying existing underground utilities in construction areas with the intent of protecting from damage during excavation
4. Mapping the detected underground utilities with complete drawing

Hydrographic Survey

We provide underwater surface contour or any kind of nearshore, offshore and coastal works for client

Hydrographic Survey consists the following :
1. Sounding (Echo Sounder and Poling)
2. Hydrographic Control and Position Fixing
3. Tidal Measurement and Analysis
4. Mean Sea Level Determination
5. Water Volume Measurement and Calculation

Terrestrial Laser Scanning

We provide state of the art terrestrial laser scanning technology to suit architectural, engineering and industrial measurement.

Terrestrial laser scanning benefits :
1. Capture the real scene of site
2. Provide ± mm accuracy measurement (high sensitivity)
3. 3D Digital Information
4. Able to operate during the day or night
5. Save time and cost
6. Reduce Human Error
7. Remodel the site with 3D data
8. Able to integrate with software (AutoCAD)

Light Detection And Ranging (Lidar)

We offer LiDAR Surveys which is a new advanced technology that use narrow laser beam. It can be used to map physical and topographical features with very high resolution

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) :
1. Scan the terrestrial surfaces in high resolution
2. Capable of making centimeter-level accuracy distance measurements
3. Produce accurate digital terrain models (DTM) of the earth’s surface
4. Produce million of x, y ,z point cloud
5. Derive contours straight from LIDAR surface
6. Produce Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
7. Generate data into Three Dimension, 3D Information
8. Save time and cost.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mapping (Uav)

We offer services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for the purpose of monitoring, survellience, observation and topographic mapping.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) :
1. Does not need qualified pilot on board. The learning curve of operating UAV is faster than aircraft
2. Can enter dangerous environments and hazards
3. Reduces the risk of the aircraft operator
4. Can stay in the air for up to 3 hours– performing a precise, repetitive visual scan of a region, day-after-day, night-after-night in complete darkness, under computer control
5. Can be programmed to complete the mission autonomously, even if it lost contact with the ground control

Geographic Information System (Gis)

We are the expert in Geographic Information System (GIS). AJ SURVEYORS offers geospatial services which allow for the visualisation of geographic data.

Geographic Information System (GIS) include of the following services :
1. GIS System Development and Implementation
2. Digital Mapping and Data Acquisition
3. Data Conversion and Migration
4. Remote Sensing Services and Geospatial Data Provider  Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)